who is popomo?

popomo is a boutique creative agency hatching big ideas. We opened our peepers to the world in 2001 with an initial focus on asset management. With over 14 years’ financial experience, we know our info-­memos from our PDSs. But today our clientele range from finance, furniture and Fleisch* to industries beginning with other letters.

*German for meat. (It’s easier on the vegetarians this way.)

Creative strategy and effective communication are the cornerstones of popomo. Whether you’re a big or a small fish in your pond, it’s all about the clarity of your visual messaging. Collaboration is key to our approach and so is coffee. It’s a kind of religion here. Many’s the day that’s been saved with the cry, “Needs more caffeine!” Let's chat – we’ll shout you one!

Why choose us?

We’re brave: Our passion for design drives us to think outside the square. We deliver authentic brand experiences through inspired design. Like we said, boutique service, big ideas.

It’s personal: You deal directly with the designers from defining the brief right through to its realisation. We consider your business, your competitors and your goals so we can get it right.

We’re skilled: We’re engaged with the latest technologies and tools so that we can fully champion your brand.

We’re looking forward to working together. It’s going to be fun. We can feel it in our waters!

Come work with us! (All the kids are doing it.)


  • Exponet
  • AMP Capital Shopping Centres
  • iShares
  • Arcadian Organic Meat Co.
  • Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW
  • David Benn Jewellery
  • Kim Carpenter Theatre Of Image
  • Waters Consulting
  • Balmain East Locksmiths
  • Magellan Asset Management Limited
  • 1825 interiors
  • Sanger Australia
  • Your Health Domain
  • Epping Hotel
  • NSW Small Business Commissioner
  • Resolution Capital
  • Kruger Carpets
  • Community Relations Commission
  • Atron Enterprises
  • Exclusive Sports
  • RX Catering
  • Pinnacle Investment Managers
  • Blue Tongue Stainless

inspired graphic design

Whether you’re a corporate giant or fresh from the cabbage patch, launching your brand or resuscitating it, our kit of skills will do the trick.

T 02 9868 4448
E info@popomo.com.au

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